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How to Hard- or Soft-Cook Perfect Eggs Like a Pro

I just returned from a long weekend trip to Ottawa. Whenever I travel (and I travel fairly often, usually for short stints that often involve work and occasionally pleasure), I always find the days before and after I am away to be busy and hectic. My best-laid food plans can get derailed faster than I […]

6 Essential Tips for Cooking Quinoa Like a Pro (Hint: It Starts with the CORRECT Ratio!)

If you’re a quinoa lover like I am, you might already know that quinoa is an everyday superfood you can find at most regular grocery stores. You may know that it’s gluten-free and a complete plant-based protein (it contains all essential amino acids — this is rare in many grains, which is why most aren’t […]

How to Pit Cherries (when you don’t have a cherry pitter)

Cherry Cream Tart with Chocolate-Almond Shells

Sometimes a cherry pitter seems like it would come in handy, especially if you’re making something like this: I made these Cherry Cream Tarts with Chocolate-Almond Shells a few days ago and I’m still savouring those sweet, ruby red cherries. If you’ve seen my Instagram feed lately or had a look inside my dishwasher for […]