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I can help!

Hi, I’m Ashleigh!

I’m an analytically trained yet intuitively inspired health and wellness coach, vibrational wellness practitioner, and Akashic Records guide.

In these roles, I strive to:

  • offer my clients practical and spirited tips, tools, and techniques to support the health of their body, mind, and spirit.
  • help my clients make confident choices for themselves based on their needs, goals, and lifestyle, both in and out of the kitchen.
  • nurture and empower my clients to adopt sustainable habits and make lasting changes that make a big impact on their overall life.

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I have trained as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Culinary Nutrition Expert, and Professional Plant-based Cook, among other things. I’m also a practitioner of vibrational and flower essences at Inner Plant Wisdom. It’s safe to say I’m very curious and thus, always learning!

I am “plant passionate” and have studied herbalism for over a decade, along with drainage and gemmotherapies. I have studied and continue to study body-mind modalities, including Integrated Energy Therapy®, Reiki, dowsing, BodyTalk, Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, and many other energy techniques.

Above all, a sense of humour, a ready-for-anything attitude, irresistible optimism, and a certain resourcefulness guide everything I do!

I’m inspired every day when my clients overcome incredible health challenges to reach their goals and manifest lives more fulfilling than they ever dreamed of.

In a nutshell, my food philosophy is to:

  • eat whole foods
  • eat a variety of foods
  • eat enough (so you feel satiated)
  • but not too much (so you don’t feel stuffed or uncomfortable).

Foods grown close to home, as local and organic as possible, are optimal for personal and planetary health.

Simple, right?

(Ha! I wish… the building blocks of health are not always so easily stacked… but these principles certainly provide a solid foundation!)

Beyond those core principles, I don’t believe in one “ideal diet” for every person on the planet.

Instead, your optimal diet will be unique to YOU. Your food choices should be guided by how YOU think and feel when you eat them.

I wholeheartedly believe that cooking skills are the KEY to sustainable mind-body-spirit health, at any and every age.

For me, sound cooking skills equate to sound health.

I love to showcase the best wholesome foods (as local and as seasonal as possible) without sacrificing delicious flavour or decadence!

– Ashleigh Grange, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.), Bioresonance Energy Practitioner, and Vibrational Wellness Specialist

“The work Ashleigh does is nothing short of magical. She can give you insight into the underlying physical, energetically, and emotional issues that are actually creating the symptoms that you are experiencing. Everything she does is non-invasive, yet incredibly effective. The benefits my son and I received were nothing short of amazing. I plan to meet with Ashleigh on a regular basis because the work she does is powerful and healing and I believe is will be the model for future medicine. And besides that she’s as sweet as can be!”

Pamela S., Pennsylvania, USA – Personal health and wellness sessions

“Ashleigh is always my families “go to” for healthy living strategies, holistic nutrition, disease prevention & more. Her level of skill, deep insight, intuition, and professionalism is top notch, but of course she always goes above and beyond that with her kind hearted approach too. My family and I all feel uniquely supported with our own personalized care plans, as Ashleigh helps to empower with simple, easy, and effective solutions. Within each session, she has taken me further down my own healing path where I continue to learn who I am, how my body works, and what it needs (& doesn’t, lol) so I can learn to work with it and not against it. Thanks again Ashleigh, for all that you do!!”

Alaina M., Ontario, Canada – Personal health and wellness sessions

“Ashleigh has an incredible gift! This Akashic Records reading with her brought clarity to my life’s challenges, and changed me in profound ways. I entered into the reading in a dark place, feeling like I was losing hope, and I left with a renewed sense of purpose and understanding for my direction in this life. Ashleigh is like a guiding light, I’m so grateful that our paths have crossed in this life. 🙏🕊️”

Vanessa T., Ontario, Canada – Akashic Records reading

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  • Akashic Records Initiation Training & Certification at Heart 2 Heart Journey
  • Sound Therapy Certification Training at the Institute of Traditional Medicine
  • Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels) at Kamari Soul
  • 12-month Women Speaking Up Program from The School of Visibility
  • Virtual Flower Essences Practitioner Course from Elemental Chi Institute
  • Trees, Energetics & Spirituality Course at Energetic Geometry
  • Vibrational Plant Medicine Class from Sacred Earth Medicine
  • 35-hour Flower Essence Therapy Course, as well as several Plants & Planets workshops, at Desert Alchemy
  • BodyTalk Access at BodyTalk Central
  • First Degree Reiki at Cedar Cove Wellness
  • Gluten-Free Bread Baking Course at the Gluten-Free Baking Academy
  • Fundamentals of Fermentation Course at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition
  • Professional Plant-Based Certification Course at Rouxbe Cooking School
  • Culinary Nutrition Expert (CNE) Program at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition
  • Child Nutrition and Cooking Course from Stanford University via Coursera
  • Diploma in Natural Nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN)
  • Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and French translation from the University of Ottawa

Looking for a professional culinary, cooking or nutrition-based education program? I’m always happy to help answer your questions.

  • I’m a mama bear to one young cub and if he grows up to love nature half as much as me, I’ll be thrilled.
  • I’m a creative and fearless gardener, growing everything from Pink Banana squash to Goji berries in my cozy back and front yards. I also experiment with growing indoors during our cold Canadian winters.
  • I meditate every day (or nearly) thanks to my favourite meditation app, Insight Timer.
  • I live across the street from Lake Couchiching, so I’m a fish in the summer and a snow-covered hiker in winter!
  • I’m a language nerd and have been known to stay up late to get to the top of the language leaderboard (my competitive spirit sometimes overrides sleep… thanks a lot, Duolingo!)
  • My favourite high school teacher called me Ms. New Age. I don’t know how that came to be… but it might’ve had something to do with the copy of the Celestine Prophecy that my BFF gave me.
  • If my hair looks funny the next time you see me, blame it on the fact that I’ve let my *bald* husband cut my hair not once, not twice, but four times since the pandemic began. I’m not sure if I’ve learned my lesson, yet!

Would you like to book a personal health consult, book an Akashic Records reading, attend a group class or workshop, or contact me to chat?

“The body heals with play.
The mind heals with laughter.
And the spirit heals with joy.”

– Proverb