Hi, I’m Ashleigh!

I’m an experienced, award-winning practitioner of integrative health, holistic energy, and intuitive wellness with over 10 years of experience in clinical practice.

But I’m not your average natural health practitioner. I blend cutting-edge science with intuitive wisdom to help reveal the root cause(s) of your health challenges so you can continue evolving into your best self.

You’re not just a body; you’re a symphony of energy, waiting to be harmonized!

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Ashleigh Grange Natural health practitioner and Akashic Records



Alaina M., Ontario, Canada said:

“Ashleigh is always my families ‘go to’ for healthy living strategies, holistic nutrition, disease prevention & more. Her level of skill, deep insight, intuition, and professionalism is top notch, but of course she always goes above and beyond that with her kind hearted approach too. My family and I all feel uniquely supported with our own personalized care plans, as Ashleigh helps to empower with simple, easy, and effective solutions. Within each session, she has taken me further down my own healing path where I continue to learn who I am, how my body works, and what it needs (& doesn’t, lol)so I can learn to work with it and not against it. Thanks again Ashleigh, for all that you do!!”

Pamela S., Pennsylvania, USA said:

“The work Ashleigh does is nothing short of magical. She can give you insight into the underlying physical, energetically, and emotional issues that are actually creating the symptoms that you are experiencing. Everything she does is non-invasive, yet incredibly effective. The benefits my son and I received were nothing short of amazing. I plan to meet with Ashleigh on a regular basis because the work she does is powerful and healing and I believe is will be the model for future medicine. And besides that she’s as sweet as can be!”

Michelle L., Ontario, Canada said:

“I am in awe of Ashleigh’s many gifts! From confidence boosting sound baths, custom healing flower essences, and supportive + affirming Akashic Records readings. I’ve turned to Ashleigh for it all! Her supportive energy during client sessions is easy to connect to, positive and healing. Each time we connect I come away with precisely what I’ve needed, whether I knew I needed it or not! My life has changed in profound ways since connecting with Ashleigh for the first time! If you’re thinking about booking a session don’t wait! You will not be disappointed!”