“Working with Ashleigh has been such a pleasure and an important step in my healing journey! She brings her incredible talent, depth of knowledge and wisdom to every session, making you feel supported and truly seen and heard. Thank you Ashleigh! I appreciate your kind generosity and everything you have done for me and my family. You have a heart of gold and wisdom beyond your years. Very grateful that our paths have crossed!

Helen Morissette, Ontario, Canada – Multiple services

“I am in awe of Ashleigh’s many gifts! From confidence boosting sound baths, custom healing flower essences, and supportive + affirming Akashic Records readings. I’ve turned to Ashleigh for it all! Her supportive energy during client sessions is easy to connect to, positive and healing. Each time we connect I come away with precisely what I’ve needed, whether I knew I needed it or not! My life has changed in profound ways since connecting with Ashleigh for the first time! If you’re thinking about booking a session don’t wait! You will not be disappointed!

Michelle L., Ontario, Canada – Flower Essences, Akashic Records, Sound Baths

“Ashleigh’s services are the true meaning of “whole health”. After having been largely failed by the medical establishment, it was Ashleigh who played a major part in saving my life, laying many bricks in my road to wellness.

What sets her apart from the rest is her insatiable drive to learn new things. Her services address my issues in a rounded fashion, taking into consideration that one singular thing does not restore failing health, as your very being works in synchronicity – mind, body, and soul.

The other thing that sets her apart is that she applies the philosophy of ‘meeting people where they’re at’, giving me small but significant things to do to make strides in the right direction. This was instrumental in my improvement, because when you’re very sick, the road to recovery can be overwhelming.

If you’re reading this review and find yourself nodding along but you’re not sure where to start, my suggestion is to begin by engaging Ashleigh’s services to begin improving your gut health, and take it from there; you’ll be glad you did!

Vanessa M., Ontario, Canada – 1:1 Health and Wellness Coaching Sessions

“The work Ashleigh does is nothing short of magical. She can give you insight into the underlying physical, energetically, and emotional issues that are actually creating the symptoms that you are experiencing. Everything she does is non-invasive, yet incredibly effective. The benefits my son and I received were nothing short of amazing. I plan to meet with Ashleigh on a regular basis because the work she does is powerful and healing and I believe is will be the model for future medicine. And besides that she’s as sweet as can be!

Pamela S., Pennsylvania, USA – 1:1 Health and Wellness Coaching Sessions, Flower Essences & More

Ashleigh is always my families ‘go to’ for healthy living strategies, holistic nutrition & more. Her level of skill, deep insight, intuition, and professionalism is top notch, but of course she always goes above and beyond that with her kind hearted approach too. My family and I all feel uniquely supported with our own personalized care plans, as Ashleigh helps to empower with simple, easy, and effective solutions. Within each session, she has taken me further down my own healing path where I continue to learn who I am, how my body works, and what it needs (& doesn’t, lol)so I can learn to work with it and not against it. Thanks again Ashleigh, for all that you do!!

Alaina M., Ontario, Canada – 1:1 Health and Wellness Coaching Sessions, Flower Essences & More

Ashleigh has an incredible gift! This Akashic Records reading with her brought clarity to my life’s challenges, and changed me in profound ways. I entered into the reading in a dark place, feeling like I was losing hope, and I left with a renewed sense of purpose and understanding for my direction in this life. Ashleigh is like a guiding light, I’m so grateful that our paths have crossed in this life. 🙏🕊️

Vanessa T., Ontario, Canada – Akashic Records Reading

We had an amazing Akashic reading with Ashleigh for our dog Crosby. During the reading she asked if Crosby has ever done therapy work because he said that he misses it! She said that it has been approximately 5 years since he has done this work… and she was right! He use to do pet visits at a long term care home. She mentioned that his health concerns are related to the fact that he is not living his soul purpose… to be of service and spread joy! She suggested getting him more active in the community so he can fulfil his mission. She said a lot of things that helped us gain clarity on how to give our dog a good quality life. I highly recommend her for a pet reading if you have a dog with health or behaviour issues.

Marianna V., Ontario, Canada – Akashic Records Reading

Ashleigh is one of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure to meet. I just had my first reading with her and she totally surprised me with how accurate she was and how the messages resonated with me and the current journey I am on. I am definitely going to keep my third eye open for clues from the universe to guide me to where I need to be. Highly recommend this amazing woman. Thank you Ashleigh! 😊.

P. Khinda, Ontario, Canada – Akashic Records Reading

“When I decided to arrange with Ashleigh Intuitive Akashic Records, I didn’t even know what to aspect, how far and deep will go and i was blown away with outcome. I have more clarity now and understanding of some events in my life, what had big roots to my past lives. It was an profound and amazing experience! I will highly recommend to everyone to contact Ashleigh, who will able to help with her great skills and guidence, to get to know and understand your true self, roots of some ongoing issues or gifts or actually anything what one can think of. I am truly impressed! Thank you Ashley!”

Gordana M., Ontario, Canada – Akashic Records Reading

“Although I have tried a lot of different things to heal from a bad motorcycle injury I had many years ago, I have never experienced anything quite like this before! It was incredibly cool to feel energy moving through my legs and lower body that Ashleigh confirmed was stuck ever since my accident. Never underestimate the power of a single session to change your life. I know mine has never been the same!!”

Ryan R., Florida, USA – Quantum and Akashic Energy Healing

The experience was so relaxing. Ashleigh is very friendly and welcoming. I related to so many things, took me days to process everything I heard and felt. This brought up some emotions that were nice to release. Having answers ,perspectives , visions, whatever we may call them, was great to hear. I don’t feel as confused about things in my life that happen over and over again. I don’t feel as afraid of my life as much. Thank you Ashleigh I loved my reading and love the feeling ♥.

Deanne Legault, Ontario, Canada – Akashic Records Reading

“I always enjoy anytime I get to spend learning from Ashleigh. This reading was everything I needed during a time that my head was spinning in my business with many personal things also requiring a lot of energy. I have an absolute sense of peace and relief to know I’m on the right path with some changes I’ve had in the works. And I’m learning to trust my inner knowing and spiritual guidance.”

Malinda W., New Brunswick, Canada – Akashic Records Reading

My reading with Ashleigh felt really supportive for my personal growth. I consider myself a really tuned in person and I trust the messages I receive on my own – but it’s nice to find genuine people that can help affirm or offer a different perspective. Its actually been one of the more simple images that came to Ashleigh during the reading, that at the time didn’t land for me so much, but that I have now reflected back on a number of times and am really appreciating this way of looking at my relationship that I had not considered. And then there was a bunch of stuff that just really affirmed what I had been feeling, and well, that always feels great 🙂 Thanks Ashleigh!

Erica S., Ontario, Canada – Akashic Records Reading

Ashleigh was super warm and inviting. So thorough in her explanation and extremely kind-hearted in her delivery. Very affirming! I also very much appreciated the time and effort you put into the supported documents you sent along ahead of time.

Catie Clapp, Ontario, Canada – Akashic Records Reading

Purely by happenstance… or was it, I wonder… I had my first ever Akashic Records reading with Ashleigh as the March 2023 New Moon moved into Aries. Ashleigh set the container, answered what questions I had, and guided me through a reading that was so powerful and affirming, I was moved to both laughter and tears of gratitude. The messages channeled by Ashleigh aligned beautifully with messages I had been receiving in my own ritual morning readings and coming through her, acted as an undeniable affirmation that I’m on the right path at the right time. Exciting things are coming and I’m so grateful I got to experience and celebrate that with Ashleigh. This may have been my first reading with her but it certainly will be my last! In Gratitude, Love, Joy & Celebration!

Daniela Chase, Ontario, Canada – Akashic Records Reading

Ashleigh is a sweet gentle soul and connecting with her in this intimate way felt so natural and comfortable. I could sense her calm, positive, and nurturing energy through the computer screen. I resonated with all the messages that came through during our session providing insights around my life’s purpose. I gained clarity and direction to simply start walking my path with a reminder to tune into source energy that will help guide me along the way. I really enjoyed our time together!

Dana R., Ontario, Canada – Akashic Records Reading

I really loved my reading with Ashleigh. She is always such a joy to work with and is such a comforting presence. The flow of the reading was perfect and the information felt accurate for myself and my life. It was so helpful and empowering.

Rae-Ann W., Ontario, Canada – Akashic Records Reading

It was interesting how the information, that was initially unexpected, all clicked into place by the end of the session. It’s helped me hone down what I need to focus on and stretched me a little on my goals in a more meaningful way. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, which had me a little anxious, but Ashleigh put me at ease right away.

Nadja B., Ontario, Canada – Akashic Records Reading

I was blown away by the accuracy of my reading! Ashleigh was able to pick up on details about situations in my life that blew me away. A few weeks later one of her predictions came to fruition. Amazing!

Roxanne J., Ontario, Canada – Akashic Records Reading

I’ve never heard of the Akashic records before and was somehow called to book a reading with Ashleigh. It was a wonderful experience! You have a gift for tapping in and conveying the messages clearly, Ashleigh. Thank you!

Melissa T., British Colombia, Canada – Akashic Records Reading

Ashleigh told me things I have felt inside of my soul, it was like she was reconfirming things I’ve felt and everything made so much sense to me. I haven’t stopped thinking about this reading since I did it. Thank you again Ashleigh!

Alanna B., Ontario, Canada – Akashic Records Reading

I had no idea what to expect in having an Akashic Record reading done, but felt well prepared by Ashleigh’s email before the session took place. Once we were on our call, I felt the messages coming through Ashleigh were right on-point. One message ended up being a prediction of sorts that manifested two-days later.

All in all, a very good investment of time, energy and resources. Glad I did it.

Thanks again, Ashleigh!

K. P., Ontario, Canada – Akashic Records Reading

I felt I was unsure what to expect, so feeling calm right off the start was wonderful. I’m longing for more in-depth searches again!

Sheila B., Ontario, Canada – Akashic Records Reading

“Ashleigh has presented at some of my events – on topics such as eating healthy on the road and eating for and managing stress. She created custom presentations for my attendees that were well written, flexible to a broader audience and full of valuable information. I had plenty of positive feedback each time she was with us. I will definitely use her again!

Shannon Gardiner, former Event Manager at ivari – Workplace Wellness Events & Workshops

Feedback from participants at recent webinars & presentations:

“I enjoyed her wealth of knowledge and her personality.”

“Well presented….wanted to learn more!”

“Knowledgeable speaker”

“Very informative and interesting topic”

“I very much enjoyed the entire session.”

“Very interesting to learn about essences, I liked the examples of some of the flowers and gems given to better understand what they can be used for.”

I loved how knowledgeable Ashleigh is and how open to questions she is. I also loved the ingredients used as they can be found locally. The blend they created was delightful and delicious!!

Veronica H., Ontario, Canada Delectable Summer Desserts cooking workshop

“Ashleigh collaborated with TOP Nutritionals on a book project by developing an original recipe that seamlessly incorporated a whole food supplement. The book with Ashleigh’s recipe will be published in the fall of 2014. We were thrilled with Ashleigh’s creative use of the green leaf powder, her deep nutritional expertise, her skillful write-up/commentary and the recipe itself – a truly original creation, beautifully photographed. It was a pleasure to work with Ashleigh, and we hope to do so again in the future!”

Anne O’Byrne, Communications Consultant at TOP Nutritionals – Recipe Development and Health Writing

I thought that your passion for healthy food and cooking was very obvious. I picked up a few interesting tidbits about how to maximize the nutrition of herbs and spices that I will be definitely be using in my own cooking. I thought that having the live online workshop was a really interesting and unique way of holding a class that still made the viewer feel like we were ‘there’.”

Kelsey J., Ontario, Canada Healthy Comfort Foods cooking workshop

“I had never been to a cooking workshop before so it was just awesome to see how it all flowed with you talking about your ingredients and their benefits as you were using them and at the same time fielding questions about them. I loved your approach and your creations are super yummy too!”

Paige R., Ontario, Canada Grab & Go Snacks for Busy People and Their Families cooking workshop

“Full of interesting information and easy delicious food.”

Sue C., Ontario, Canada Grab & Go Snacks for Busy People and Their Families cooking workshop

I very much enjoyed this workshop.  Ashleigh’s recipes were not only delicious but were easy to follow and nutritious. I found Ashleigh’s knowledge of a vast array of spices and herbs to be particularly impressive.  I can honestly say that I learned a great deal from participating and I cannot wait to make the ginger chocolate pudding (surprise – with squash!) for my girlfriends.”

Sarah M., Ontario, Canada Everyday Superfoods – fall edition (cooking workshop)

The recipes were not only healthy but also delicious! I also liked all the extra information we got.”

Julia B., Ontario, Canada – Back to Basics: Healthy Staples and Snacks cooking workshop

“The workshop I attended on everyday super foods was fantastic. I learned so much about the nutritional properties found in some common foods as well as the medicinal properties of spices such as cloves. Ashleigh is a wonderful holistic nutritionist who shares her vast knowledge of the health benefits of everyday foods. I really enjoyed learning how to prepare things like Brazilian nut milk, who knew that soaking nuts could help breakdown enzymes and increase the nutritional value we can get from them. The everyday super foods workshop was fun and interactive, Ashleigh is a great instructor who has created some fantastic original recipes. Not only are her recipes delicious, they offer fantastic health benefits too. I strongly recommend her classes and if you have the chance to try her sweet potato and red lentil curry soup, you will not be disappointed!”

Sue G., Ontario, Canada Everyday Superfoods – fall edition cooking workshop

“Ashleigh is a very personable and knowledgeable individual. Not only did she very clearly explain the benefits of the superfoods used in each recipe, but the food tasted AMAZING. It’s easy to see that Ashleigh has a passion for enhancing the health of others, and has fun while doing it. You absolutely MUST attend a workshop (or two… or three… or all of them!!!) Thanks for everything Ashleigh!”

Katie W., Ontario, Canada – Everyday Superfoods – fall edition cooking workshop

“A very practical way to cook quickly yet healthy even for a layman at cooking such as myself. Listening to Ashleigh as she teaches helps me appreciate the actual knowledge and research required to come up with recipes that are healthy, convenient to make and whose ingredients can be easily found as well. Great job! What’s great about these courses is you have the option of going beyond the recipe to the understanding of why this recipe where the why is more than because it tastes good and doesn’t take long to make. Ashleigh’s thorough understanding gives me complete confidence in the future recipes I will be choosing and how I will be preparing them. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Christiano F., Ontario, Canada – Everyday Superfoods – fall edition cooking workshop

“Engaging! Knowledgeable! Delicious! This is a fun and dynamic workshop that leaves you with information that you can apply to your daily life. It’s also tailored to all skill levels. I’m looking forward to the next workshop already!”

Robin S., Ontario, Canada Everyday Superfoods – fall edition cooking workshop

“I recently attended an “Everyday Superfoods Cooking Workshop” and it was incredible. Ashleigh Grange was not only thorough in her explanation of “Super Foods” but she also has a great sense of humour. I am excited and look forward to her next Workshop and will definitely make her recipes in the very near future.”

Janet T., Ontario, Canada – Everyday Superfoods – fall edition cooking workshop