Your Ultimate Guide to Akashic Records Readings – Answering 19 More Burning Questions!

Frequently Asked Questions about Akashic Records Readings

Last year, I wrote two blog posts on frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Akashic Records readings. I won’t rehash the same information I shared in those, but I would love to share some more questions I have received since writing those posts.

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Some of these questions surprised me, but maybe you have the same question, too.

If so, I hope these answers and perspectives help… keeping in mind that all this information is based on my own perspective and experience as a professional Akashic Records reader.

Q. What is the purpose of consulting the Akashic Records?

Many people consult the Akashic Records when they have questions about their career or work, health, relationships or love life, finances, the loss of a loved one, or other life situations. You might also be seeking to understand your life’s purpose, soul contracts, past lives, and more.

Q. Who can benefit from an Akashic reading?

If you are open to personal growth and development, you’re a great candidate for an Akashic Records reading. People who are naturally self-aware and curious usually benefit from Akashic Records readings. This is especially true if they are working through difficulties and need additional support.

Q. Do the Akashic Records offer guidance on specific life challenges or decisions?

Yes! They offer information, guidance and wisdom. What you do with that information is ultimately up to you, though, because you have free will. You make decisions based on what you’re experiencing and what you choose to do.

If an Akashic Record reader is urging you to make a specific decision about something specific, you should seriously question their integrity and professionalism.  

Q. Can the Akashic Records be used for healing purposes?

Of course! See above. Knowledge is power. I believe that one of the most valuable gifts we have to empower ourselves as humans is the guidance and wisdom of Spirit.

Q. What do Akashic Record readings look like?

After a client books a personal Akashic reading with me, they receive a consent form. This consent form contains helpful information for preparing for their Akashic reading. Most importantly, it also contains a list of suggested questions.

I consider this list a gift because it is a master list of the Akashic Records questions that I have compiled over years of working in the Records. I can almost guarantee that you’ll find a question you hadn’t thought about asking, but you might love to know the answer to!

During our session, I will:

  • guide you through a mini meditation to help ground us;
  • open the Records using a sacred prayer; and,
  • allow your Spirit Team to share any messages they wish to share.

Then, you’ll have plenty of time to ask the questions you prepared. Don’t be surprised if some of your questions are answered before you can ask them!

Q. Are there limitations to what can be learned from the Akashic Records?

Not really. I haven’t found any areas to be off-limits. The sky is the limit. If you’re seeking information about yourself or your life, you can ask it. As long as you’re prepared for the nitty gritty details that may sometimes surprise you or motivate you to evolve.

Q. How can I apply the information from the Akashic Records to improve my life?

Any way you like!

I hope that people who have had a professional Akashic reading find it to be a valuable tool for self-discovery and guidance. Others, however, may approach it with skepticism. To each their own.

Ultimately, how you choose to apply the information from the Akashic Records is a personal decision based on your beliefs and experiences.

Q. Can the Records provide insights into future events?

In other words, can the Akashic Records predict the future? In short, no.

However, the Akashic Records contain all the possibilities and potentials that may be available for a specific decision or choice.

You can:

  • ask questions about which outcome or scenario is most likely.
  • clarify the potential consequences of different, specific outcomes.
  • contemplate any lessons or issues you are meant to learn or grow from.

Q. How do emotions and energy influence the information given during Akashic Records readings?

This is probably my favourite question! If you are too emotionally untangled in a particular situation, I highly suggest not trying to access or read your own Akashic Records for this.

Too often, our emotions can deeply affect how much bias or influence we have in reading the Records from an independent, non-emotional perspective.

When I am struggling with something deeply personal and difficult, and I’m not getting the advice or answers I need to make an informed decision, I always call on a trusted colleague for help. I suggest you do the same. They can offer a fresh perspective.

Q. Are there specific guidelines or rituals for accessing the Akashic Records?

I think everyone who has been professionally trained like I have has certain guidelines they follow. I approach every reading I do from a place of integrity and professionalism.

That said, one thing that Akashic readings have in common is that most Akashic readers use a sacred invocation or prayer to open them. And I have learned that it can be as simple or as complex as one makes it to be. But beyond that, each practitioner has their own approach.

Q. How reliable is the information given during Akashic Records readings?

Akashic Records information is as reliable and accurate as the person reading the Records.

You should expect your Akashic Records practitioner to be relaxed, well-hydrated, and as well rested as much as possible. Being grounded is also vital for accessing the higher, more ethereal energies of the Akashic Records. Someone who is not well-grounded is unlikely to be able to provide information that is true and accurate.

Choose your Akashic Records reader wisely.

Q. Can the Akashic Records be changed or altered?

The Akashic Records are considered an energetic library. So information is, in theory, always being added to it.

As you experience new events, situations, people and places in your life, it is assumed that information is being recorded or written into your Akashic Records. This is why the information you receive may change as new possibilities open up for you.

However, I do not personally believe that anyone else has the power to change, alter, destroy or otherwise affect your Akashic Records without your explicit permission.

Q. How much do Akashic record readings cost?

This is a bit like asking: how much does a house cost? There are a huge variety of price points from very affordable to very expensive. Both depend on your perspective. What’s affordable to me might be expensive for you, and vice versa.

Akashic Record readings are often priced based on the reader’s skill and professionalism… so keep that in mind. When it comes to service providers, you may get what you pay for.

If you want to save some money, I highly suggest buying a package of Akashic Records readings (which are almost always discounted off the regular price).

Q. How do I prepare for my Akashic Record reading?

Prepare for an Akashic Record reading based on your comfort. You should be relaxed, well-hydrated, and as well-rested as possible.

That said, there is one strict rule for most Akashic readings. Please refrain from using alcohol or recreational drugs at least 24 hours before your session. You should continue to take prescribed medications as directed.

Wear comfortable clothing, bring water or another beverage to sip on, and aim to be in a relaxed and receptive state.

Q. Can the Akashic Records be accessed through meditation?

You can absolutely access the Akashic Records in a meditative state. If you’re doing this, you will want to also make sure you have well-developed intuition so you can accurately read and interpret your own Akashic Records.

Q. Are the Akashic Records a religious concept?

The Akashic Records are rooted in Theosophy and other mystical traditions. However, they are not intimately associated with any mainstream religious traditions. Different spiritual and metaphysical belief systems may interpret or use the concept in various ways, but it is not a central element of the major organized religions.

Q. Are there any dangers associated with accessing the Akashic Records?

This question definitely surprised me! I can’t imagine a scenario where this could be seen as a dangerous practice because your guidance team only wants what is best for your personal growth and development.

You are free to act on any wisdom you receive, and to disregard any information you receive that does not resonate. You always have free will.

Q. Are there any scientific studies on the Akashic Records?

Not to my knowledge, though I haven’t looked, since science and religious concepts don’t often coexist well. Scientific studies typically focus on empirical evidence and testable hypotheses, and the Akashic Records concept does not fit into this framework.

For most people working with them, the Akashic Records are considered a matter of personal belief or spirituality rather than a scientifically validated phenomenon.

Q. Do skeptics believe in the Akashic Records?

Maybe? Maybe not? I can’t speak for skeptics obviously. But I do think it’s something you have to experience before you can make a judgement about it.

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