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Your New Secret Weapon? How to Use the Akashic Records for Business Success

How to use the Akashic Records for business

With my entrepreneurial clients, I love diving into the heart and soul of their business in the Akashic Records. As we have explored before, the Akashic Records are an energetic library of everything that is or has been. I currently view and describe the Akashic Records as a vast Internet search engine… much like Google, […]

5 Free or Low-cost Ways to Upgrade Your Frequency

Free or low-cost Ways to Upgrade Your Frequency - blog post

Want some free or low-cost ideas or ways to upgrade your frequency? If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that one of the principles of my work is that I understand that humans are electromagnetic beings. Our bodies are a complex network of charged particles, and just like a radio […]

Connect with Your Higher Self: The Life-Changing Power of the Akashic Records

How the Akashic Records can change your life - blog post title

Have you ever felt like there’s more to your story? Like you’re carrying invisible baggage from a past life? Or maybe you’re feeling stuck and looking for a deeper understanding of what you’re doing in your life? Find out how the Akashic Records can change your life… If you’re a curious soul on the path […]

From Wishful Thinking to Reality: How to Set Intentions That Stick

How to set intentions that stick

Five years ago this month, I had an experience that really proved to me how to set intentions that stick. I was six months pregnant on a continuing ed course in Arizona’s steamy, unforgiving deserts. I was there for a professional flower essences program on desert flower essences, many of which have a resilience unique […]

How to Prepare for this Coming Eclipse (plus 3 easy intuitive exercises to embrace this planetary portal)

How to prepare for the 2024 eclipse (plus 3 easy intuitive exercises to practice)

Have you heard? A powerful eclipse is on the horizon, and with it comes a surge of potent energy. I might be the only lightworker I know who is sooooooo excited about this eclipse. Really! For some reason, it seems mainstream news and social media are suddenly all abuzz with a stream of negative and […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Akashic Records Readings – Answering 19 More Burning Questions!

Frequently Asked Questions about Akashic Records Readings

Last year, I wrote two blog posts on frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Akashic Records readings. I won’t rehash the same information I shared in those, but I would love to share some more questions I have received since writing those posts. Click here to read Part 1 of my Top Most Asked Questions about […]

7 Proven Tips to Strengthen Your Intuition For Good

7 Proven Tips to Strengthen Your Intuition

Are you looking for tips to strengthen your intuition? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I consider intuition to be the #1 language that most of us would benefit from learning and practicing. Some of you will know that I began my career as a French translator in university, worked for the federal government, […]

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