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Creamed Greens with Lemon-Ginger Cashew Cream Sauce (dairy-free)

Creamed Greens with Lemon-Ginger Cashew Cream Sauce (dairy-free)

One of my favourite parts about spring is, of course, the joyful return of fresh, local and organic produce. From arugula to spinach to nettles, greens of all kinds are always at the top of my shopping list. Enjoy them in salads, in sandwiches, in stir-fries and even smoothies. They are delicious fresh (and that’s often […]

Simple Red and Green Salsa Recipe (a flavour fiesta!)

Red and Green Salsa (with Tomatillos & Tomatoes)

You’re going to love this simple red and green salsa recipe using tomatoes and tomatillos. There is so much to love about summer produce in part because summer makes it easy to eat local, eat organic, eat in season and eat healthier overall. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t already mourning the […]

20-Minute Homemade Strawberry Jam

Homemade strawberry chia jam

Hot muggy air. Countertops stained with berry juice. An all-day affair of simmering a pot of crushed berries only adding to the heat. A steam burn on your right hand when the boiling glass jar you picked up accidentally touched your skin. Arms sore, stirring and stirring and constantly stirring, feeling like you can’t possibly […]

How to Make a Flavoured Herbal Vinegar (this chive blossom vinegar is irresistibly delicious!)

How to Make a Flavoured Herbal Vinegar

Chive blossom vinegar is not just any standard flavoured herbal vinegar. Take a look at that vibrant colour… Wow, right? And the flavour is just as unexpected and delicious! Chive blossom vinegar is a flavoured herbal vinegar with a chive/onion flavour that goes well with everything you might dare to put it on. And it’s […]

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