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20-Minute Homemade Strawberry Jam

Homemade strawberry chia jam

Hot muggy air. Countertops stained with berry juice. An all-day affair of simmering a pot of crushed berries only adding to the heat. A steam burn on your right hand when the boiling glass jar you picked up accidentally touched your skin. Arms sore, stirring and stirring and constantly stirring, feeling like you can’t possibly […]

How to Make Full-Flavoured, Rich, Creamy Ice Cream… without any dairy!

It’s no surprise to any of my friends that coconut is one of my favourite ingredients. And for good reason: it tastes so good in so many things! Sure, you may have had it in soups, in cookies, in desserts, in drinks, maybe even in salads… but in ice cream? In ice cream, coconut milk […]

How To Make Deliciously Creamy, Decadent Almond Milk At Home

Almond and non-dairy milk

Almond milk is one of those kitchen staples that many of us rely on as an easy substitute for all things dairy. You can drink it, turn it into yogurt, make ice cream or ice pops, even turn it into mouth-watering cheese! Essentially anything you can do with cow’s milk, you can do with almond […]

Tart Ruby Rhubarb Refresher

Rhubarb, Orange & Beet Juice sm

Every year when fresh rhubarb makes its rounds in my garden or CSA basket, I make only one of two things with it: rhubarb crumble (on its own or with another fruit) and an oat bar sandwiched with a rhubarb jam. It’s always the same. So predictable, I know! This year, as the opportunities to […]

How to Make a Flavoured Herbal Vinegar (this chive blossom vinegar is irresistibly delicious!)

How to Make a Flavoured Herbal Vinegar

Chive blossom vinegar is not just any standard flavoured herbal vinegar. Take a look at that vibrant colour… Wow, right? And the flavour is just as unexpected and delicious! Chive blossom vinegar is a flavoured herbal vinegar with a chive/onion flavour that goes well with everything you might dare to put it on. And it’s […]

Spring Vegetable Pasta with Peppery Kale Pesto (Direct from the Garden!)

Spring Vegetable & Greens Pasta with Chive-Kale Pesto Dressing

One of my favourite spring recipes is this spring vegetable pasta recipe. You can even mix and max a variety of vegetables if you have certain vegetables growing in your garden this time of year. What are the nutritional benefits of this spring vegetable pasta? Here are just a few reasons to love this spring […]

Start Your Day Right with this Nourishing ‘Raw Granola’ Recipe

Fresh Fruit, Seed and Nut Granola

Looking for a recipe for raw granola? I came up with this wonderful no-cook breakfast granola recipe that is an easy combination of fresh fruit, nuts and seeds that I am calling “raw granola”. It’s super healthy, super filling, super delicious and super flexible. And you can make it with just about anything you might […]

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