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How to Go Dairy-Free (everything you need to know in 4 helpful tips!)

How to go dairy-free diet

Do you have sinus congestion? Constant acne? A bad mood that makes you scream at your cat for no reason? Unexplainable joint pain? Have an impossible time losing weight? Or an angry irritable bowel that seems to rebel against every food you eat? Eating dairy might be to blame for all, or none of, the […]

How to Sleep Better: 6 Top Tips to Help You Sleep Soundly Tonight (and every night!)

6 Top Tips to Help You Sleep Soundly Tonight (and every night!)

To me, the period between Christmas and the New Year always feels very restorative. Many of us benefit from time off work, more quality time with friends and family, less rushing, more resting and often more sleeping! The amount of sleep each of us needs differs from person to person, but we all need sleep […]

6 Top Herbal Teas for Health

This time of year, when the snow has already started to fly and the air feels worthy of your warmest winter coat, a hot mug of tea feels like a great big hug just when you need it most. I prefer herbal teas, many of which are non-caffeinated, because they’re perfectly suitable for all-day drinking. […]

How to Reach Your Health Goals Using One Simple Tool (Read this and grab your free templates)!

Weekly Food Journal

If one of your health goals right now is to get healthy, have more energy or lose weight, you should read this post. And not because Thanksgiving was this week or because Christmas is fast on its heels, but because I’m going to recommend and explain an easy tool to help you stay in shape. […]

7 Healthy Snacks for Back to School

Are your mornings a major headache as you wrestle backpacks, homework and stress about what kinds of nutritious snacks to make for your kids? Well, stress no more! Whether your kids are heading back to school or you’re heading back to work, these seven healthy snack ideas offer nutritional goodness for your babies’ growing brains […]

6 Tips to Help You Make Cooking More Fun & Enjoyable

If you’re already motivated to flex your cooking muscles, you should bookmark this post for later when you’re not feeling as eager. I’m a holistic nutritionist, and as a holistic nutritionist with the tagline wholeheartedly whole foods, it would stand to reason that I might want to encourage everyone, whether you think you’re a good […]

4 Easy Ways to Make Gourmet Flavoured Coffee at Home (and ditch artificial flavours!)

Coffee with filter and mug

Sometimes there is nothing better than a strong, steaming cup of coffee. I occasionally like to spoil myself with flavoured coffees like French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Caramel. But as much as I like flavoured coffees, I equally dislike all the artificial ingredients in many grocery store products. I love being able to innovate (and save […]