The Best, Most Effective, Safest Makeup Remover (and you probably already have it in your kitchen!)

Coconut oil as makeup remover

To me, there’s something genius about using coconut oil as a makeup remover. It’s a single ingredient and it’s as effective as any commercial makeup remover I’ve ever used.

So, you may want to add this tip to the list of 1256 things you can use coconut oil for!

For the longest time, I used these convenient but chemical-laden commercial makeup remover pads. I loved them, they were very effective and not at all messy, especially when I was travelling.

Just toss a couple of them into a plastic bag and I’d be set for a trip full of dancing, drinks and other tourist-y shenanigans.

But as I started paying more attention to what I was putting IN my body, I also started paying attention to what I was putting ON my body.

And my oh-so-favourite commercial makeup remover pads had to hit the road!

Here are a few of the chemical nasties they contained:

  • Propylparaben (considered 10/10 as a high hazard in terms of safety in EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database)
  • Cyclopentasiloxane (3/10, linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, non-reproductive organ system toxicity, and neurotoxicity, among other things)
  • Various fragrances and colourants (they often score as a moderate hazard)

The list could go on… but I don’t think that you should need a chemistry degree just to figure out whether the beauty products you’re slathering all over your body are going to make you sick… or worse.

I love coconut oil because it contains none of the above. In fact, dare I say it, it’s 100% natural. (Unlike many of those other so-called “natural” beauty products you find at the drugstore… ).

Coconut oil as makeup remover
Photo by Birgith Roosipuu on Unsplash

Coconut oil is especially good at healing and rehydrating the skin by softening and moisturizing it. And in addition to effectively removing all traces of makeup from your pretty little face, coconut oil also removes other dirt, bacteria and grime that can build up on your skin during your day-to-day adventures. It also has some antibacterial properties and it can help soothe irritated skin, rashes, bug bites and other skin issues like eczema.

I’ve used it for all of these conditions with great success.

As a word of caution, if you have food allergies or sensitivities to coconut products, you may not want to put coconut oil on your body until you’re sure your skin doesn’t react to it.  

How to use coconut oil as a makeup remover:

Simply scoop out a small amount, apply it to a cotton ball or pad, and gently rub it over your lips, cheeks, eyes or other parts of your face to cleanse and replenish the skin.

If you’re removing eye makeup, please remember to close your eyes before applying the oil 🙂

And don’t worry if your coconut oil has hardened – it quickly becomes liquid again at 76 degrees. As soon as this clear paste touches your face, the heat of your skin will melt it and you’ll have a silky, safe, healthy makeup remover ideal for removing even the toughest makeup!  

So if you’re somewhat of a hippie like me or if you just like to cook with coconut oil because it has health benefits and can withstand higher cooking temperatures, you’re going to like this dead easy use for coconut oil as a 1-ingredient makeup remover!  

Have you ever used coconut oil to remove your makeup?

Life is a plate… Eat up!


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