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4 Easy Yet Scientifically Proven Ways to Boost Health in Your Workplace


Offices and other workplaces often get a bad rap for being unhealthy environments. It could be their poor indoor air quality, greater exposure to viruses and bacteria, lack of opportunity for exercise, or even a lack of natural sunlight, which can lead to eye strain and eye discomfort, especially among us heavy computer users. Fortunately, […]

10 Key Do’s and Dont’s of Healthy Meal Planning

Planning out your meals for the week–in advance and with a shopping list by your side–is a key part of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it? The truth is, it can be a fun and exciting adventure to figure out exactly what you would love to eat this week, which […]

How to Sleep Better: 6 Top Tips to Help You Sleep Soundly Tonight (and every night!)

6 Top Tips to Help You Sleep Soundly Tonight (and every night!)

To me, the period between Christmas and the New Year always feels very restorative. Many of us benefit from time off work, more quality time with friends and family, less rushing, more resting and often more sleeping! The amount of sleep each of us needs differs from person to person, but we all need sleep […]

6 Tips to Help You Make Cooking More Fun & Enjoyable

If you’re already motivated to flex your cooking muscles, you should bookmark this post for later when you’re not feeling as eager. I’m a holistic nutritionist, and as a holistic nutritionist with the tagline wholeheartedly whole foods, it would stand to reason that I might want to encourage everyone, whether you think you’re a good […]