Spicy Chocolate Truffles (vegan, gluten-free)

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Like chocolate? Like things spicy? Of course you do! Good thing because I have a terrific new recipe for chocolate truffles that I think you’ll really love, or at least lust after.

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With excellent timing for Valentine’s Day, these creamy truffles have a high-protein base of black beans (it seems I’m on a bit of a kick lately) and nut or seed butter. They are gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free and vegan. They are fairly spicy (but you can adjust the spices up or down based on what you like) and feature many heart-friendly ingredients.

Here are a few of the healing foods starring in these truffles:

  • Cayenne, a fiery spice that helps fight inflammation, improve circulation and support cardiovascular health, as well as boost immunity with its vitamin C and A values.
  • Raw cacao, a potent “love-making food”, is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It offers anandamide and phenylethylamine, which can help boost our mood and make us feel excited, alert and turned on! Literally and figuratively. Phenylethylamine even mimics a feeling of being wildly in love.
  • Cinnamon, which might be one of the world’s most loved spices, helps stabilize blood sugar by slowing down the rate at which food empties from our stomach. Because of its blood-sugar balancing effects and because it naturally adds sweetness to foods, it’s a great addition to various sweets and treats.

Spicy Chocolate Truffles-featured

Best of all, these chocolate truffles are easy to whip together for you and a lover! Of course, you can share them with friends too. That has benefits, doesn’t it?

Have I enticed you to make these for your Valentine’s Day celebrations? If so, hop on over to Mind Body Green for my recipe for Vegan Chocolate Truffles With A Chili Kick!

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