Soothing Oven-Stewed Pears Infused in Tea (vegan, free of gluten & dairy)

Oven-Poached Pears

My motto for the holidays is straight-forward and always the same: keep it simple. Keep it simple, simple, simple.  That extends to business events, outings with friends and family, holiday parties, and naturally, it also extends to food.

Earlier this fall, The Honest Leaf in Toronto sent me samples of three of their tea blends to try and I developed this delectable and so simple oven-stewed pears recipe using their Soothe blend.

My soothing oven-stewed pears are a perfect example of my holiday food philosophy in action: simple, no-fuss and preferably hands-off. These types of desserts get a special place at my table, now and throughout the holiday season.

We’re all so busy and the holidays are a perfect time to focus on the things that matter most. Eating well matters, always, but it doesn’t need to consume all our time and energy. I wish I could properly convey how heavenly they taste. Until then, pictures will have to suffice!

Soothing Oven-Stewed Pears 1-small

If you can steep tea, cut some pears, pour the stewing liquid over the fruit and then bake until soft, you can make these luscious, creamy, perfect-for-the-holidays pears.  

A few *bonus* tips:

  • Firm, slightly underripe pears are best for this so they don’t fall apart during cooking. I tested this with both D’Anjou and Bartlett pears.
  • The Honest Leaf’s Soothe blend offers floral notes of ginger, cinnamon, turmeric and ginseng and I found it spices up the pears beautifully!
  • If you make this with your favourite tea blend, you may wish to add 1-2 Tbsp of additional maple syrup or of your preferred sweetener. The Soothe blend contains stevia so I took that into account when developing this tea-infused recipe.
Soothing Oven-Stewed Pears 2-small

My Soothing Oven-Stewed Pears recipe is posted on the Honest Leaf website. Hope you enjoy and make merry!

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Disclaimer: I believe in full, clear and honest disclosure. I received 3 tea blend samples courtesy of The Honest Leaf. The decision to write about my recipe(s) using these tea blends was my own and you can trust that all opinions, comments and content, unless otherwise specified, are solely my own. The sponsor did not have the opportunity to read, review or comment on this before it was published, and no further compensation has been provided or solicited. This post may contain affiliate links, and you may click here for more details about that.

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