As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.), I offer individual, personal and customized food and nutritional coaching and counselling based on your health and wellness goals, interests and lifestyle. I can recommend specific foods and meals to support your overall health and wellness.

A holistic nutritionist takes a truly “all-encompassing” look at your life, habits, practices, concerns and symptoms from a physical, mental and spiritual approach. For example, a holistic nutritionist will consider your diet and food intake, but that is only one piece of the puzzle. A holistic nutritionist will also consider many other aspects of your life and lifestyle, such as:

  • personal and family history
  • work (and enjoyment of it)
  • sleep quality and quantity
  • exercise quality and quantity
  • stress and energy levels
  • hobbies/interests
  • and various other aspects of how you feel, act, sleep, etc.

Holistic nutritionists, therefore, take an “integrated” approach to nutritional coaching.

Once we have a clearer picture of where you are currently, we can recommend, teach and suggest ways for you to become pro-active in your own health in order to help you get to where you would like to be. Ultimately, my goal is to offer suggestions to help you put into practice gradual and effective changes in any of these areas as we strive toward optimal wellness together.


Extended Health Care or Benefits Plan Coverage for Nutrition

Many extended health care or benefits plans now offer coverage for the services of holistic nutritionists.

I will do my best to help; however, the client is fully and entirely responsible for investigating the details of their plan coverage and whether or not it extends to holistic nutritionists.


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