5 Holistic, 100% Natural Gift Ideas to Feel Amazing

Holiday Gift Giving

Natural gift ideas for the whole family? Yes, please! Whether you’re shopping for your crunchy-as-granola best friend or your hardworking sister who wants some easy ideas to make herself a priority after many years, maybe you can use a few creative, one-of-a-kind natural gift ideas to make the holiday season even brighter?

In that spirit, I’d like to share some of the holistic, health-supportive, and 100% natural gift ideas that I offer, just in time for the holidays (and beyond!).

Home Sweet Home Mist (flower essence clearing spray)

  • Need to clear the energy in the kitchen after an argument with your spouse?
  • Need to clear your office after a hard talk with a client?
  • Need to clear your toddler’s room after his 4th tantrum of the morning (you’re not alone!)

My Home Sweet Home Mist can save the day!

If you’re an empath like me, you’re probably well aware of how draining it can be to spend too much time in others’ energies. I really love my Home Sweet Home spray for cleansing and renewing energetically stale places. It helps clear out draining energy, draw in grounding, uplifting energies, and create sacred space. In other words, it acts as an energetic smudge!

This is an unscented blend of flower essences. You can keep it that way, or add essential oils to your liking!

Buy the Home Sweet Home Mist in the 50-ml size, or the larger Home Sweet Home Mist in the 120-ml size.

I highly recommend the latter because you can use it just about anywhere!

Bioresonance Inner Voice Scan

Ashleigh Grange holistic nutritionist

Would you like to:

  • reduce your stress and anxiety, feeling better equipped to handle whatever life throws at you?
  • feel more confident and empowered about your next steps;
  • feel more focused and determined about your future plans and goals?
  • better express your creativity and artistic talent?
  • improve your interpersonal relationships and communication?
  • become more aligned and “in flow” with life itself?

The Inner Voice scan and assessment might be just what you or a loved one needs!

This scan analyzes a person’s voice to identify emotional imbalances. It then creates personalized music to equalize these imbalances and help improve confidence and creativity, reduce stress, fear, and anxiety, strengthen interpersonal communication skills, and enhance emotional intelligence.

This service includes:

  • a 60-minute phone or video consult;
  • a detailed 7-page report with practical health, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations; and,
  • a personalized music playlist to help re-balance and harmonize your state of mind.

Click here to learn more & book your high-tech health assessment.

Empire Builder Flower Essence Collection

Have a friend or family member who started, or is planning to embark upon, a business or social enterprise this year? The Empire Builder Collection is another wonderful natural gift idea. It is a trio of flower essences to support the business mindset, and your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

This collection of flower essences includes:

  • Bladder campion flower essence, which acts as a North Star, helping us move ahead and navigate toward our purpose. It reminds us that we each offer unique talents, skills, and gifts as we participate in and contribute to the ecosystems of the world. It urges us to proceed with our work, in-spiring us with the confidence to carry on.
  • Forsythia flower essence, which acts like an arrow, helping us stay on track and hit the bull’s-eye when we have an important project, personal mission, or life purpose. It supports our focused attention and prevents us from being distracted. It gently reminds us that we have what it takes to manage our own energy and boundaries.
  • French marigold flower essence, which invites us to slow down when we are stressed out and zipping along at 90 miles an hour. It empowers us to recognize how much we have to offer beyond just our work. It helps us access the stillness within and reconnect with spirit. This flower essence helps gently restore the links between the physical body and the cosmos, encouraging us to stop neglecting or abusing our physical selves at the expense of our mental, emotional, and spiritual selves.

Want to learn more? Check out the Empire Builder Flower Essence Collection here.

30-day Gratitude Calendar

Free 30-day Gratitude Calendar

This gratitude calendar, beautifully designed with love, offers 30 questions to inspire and encourage you to reflect on the things in life that you are most grateful for.

Pick a day and use the prompt for journalling or to launch discussions around the dinner table.

Print out this downloadable natural gift idea and perhaps pair it with a few items listed on the calendar.

You can download this free resource here.

Custom Flower Essence Healing Journey

Need more one-of-a-kind natural gift ideas for your high vibin’, spiritually minded friend who is hard to buy for? How about a personalized flower essence consult + blend shipped directly to their door?

If there is one thing that I really ADORED this year, it’s my personalized flower essence consults. My clients were constantly surprised at the gentle and dramatic power of these 100% natural blends to create full-body shifts in their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual lives.

There is truly nothing like the gift of a flower essence blend that responds directly to your needs, transforms your difficulties into gifts, and helps catapult you forward on your soul’s path.

You can learn more about my Custom Flower Essence Healing Journey. These include a consultation, a custom flower essence blend + shipping, and a follow-up consult to explore and make sense of your experience.

This is truly a transformative experience for souls looking for something special for themselves or a loved one!

Wishing you a warm and cozy holiday season with your loved ones!

Life is a plate… Eat up!


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