Make Planning Weekly Meals Easier with these Free Meal Plan Templates

Earlier this month I published All About Meal Planning: 10 Key Do’s and Dont’s. I realized quite soon after that it’s one thing to give you tips and advice for getting your meal planning done (and hopefully have a little fun with it), but sometimes you need a helpful tool you can follow like a handy template, right?

Meal Planning

In that spirit, I’m sharing my weekly meal plan templates with you!

These are a full-sized page (per week) and include space for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner/supper, and an optional after-dinner beverage or dessert. Fill out the whole thing or just the meals you have trouble with! For me, dinner is always the trickiest, probably because it requires the most time to make and the most effort to pull myself away from my work (which I just love).

I have included both a Monday start and a Sunday start. I use the Sunday start more often personally because I like to batch cook and having my weekly meal plan start on a Sunday saves me time, effort and my sanity. Use the plan or plans that work best for you and your family.

You can get my 7-day Meal Plan templates from my Shop here.

Looking for more healthy resources? I have a full list of my free handy & healthy cooking, food and kitchen resources here.

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