Corporate and Workplace Wellness

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  • Would you like to reduce work-related injuries and short- and long-term disability claims in your organization?
  • Would you like to decrease sick days and drug benefit costs among your employees?
  • Would you like to increase employee safety and productivity?

No matter what your reasons are for launching workplace wellness programming, the benefits are clear: workplace health programs are a valuable and essential asset to your organization.

Workplace health initiatives can be as simple as a poster awareness campaign or as comprehensive as a six-month group weight loss challenge.

Regardless of what form they take, workplace health programs can offer valuable benefits that go beyond simple cost savings.

Your organization deserves a worksite wellness program that is not “one size fits all.” I take into account that transport truck drivers driving for 10+ hours a day have different health needs than hair stylists working on their feet all day.

Whether you lead a team of 10 or 100, I am available to help you develop work wellness programs that are flexible, customized and highly interactive, empowering and motivating each of your employees to make lasting changes in their health and lives.  

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