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I’m Ashleigh Grange, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.), workplace wellness consultant, and a trained health-inspired private chef.

I’m also a freelance writer, experienced copywriter and English-French translator.

I combine health and nutritional know-how with culinary expertise to help you remain healthy, get inspired and gain confidence in the kitchen. I wholeheartedly believe that cooking skills are THE key to good, lasting health (at any and every age). For me, sound cooking skills equate to sound health. I love to showcase the best wholesome foods (as local and as seasonal as possible) without sacrificing delicious flavour or decadence!  

Courses & Training

Having worked as an English/French freelance writer and translator for over 13 years, I graduated from the University of Ottawa with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and French translation and I have completed many other university courses at York and Carleton universities. In addition, I have completed extensive professional health- and food-focused training and regularly participate in continuing education to further hone my skills and learn new health-supportive culinary techniques. Some of my educational highlights include:

  • Gluten-Free Bread Baking Course via the Gluten-Free Baking Academy
  • Fundamentals of Fermentation Course via the Academy of Culinary Nutrition
  • Professional Plant-Based Certification Course via Rouxbe Cooking School
  • Culinary Nutrition Expert (CNE) program via the Academy of Culinary Nutrition
  • Child Nutrition and Cooking course from Stanford University via Coursera
  • Diploma in Natural Nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN)

Looking for a professional culinary, cooking or nutrition-based education program? I’m always ready and willing to help answer your questions. You can contact me here.

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Food Philosophy

In a nutshell, my food philosophy is to:

  • eat whole foods
  • eat a variety of foods
  • eat enough (so you feel satiated)
  • but too much (so you don’t feel stuffed or uncomfortable).

Beyond that, every individual is different and I believe their diet should be too! Simple, right?

As someone who is absolutely wild about growing, cooking and eating good food, I also believe food should taste delicious, be fun and promote good health when we eat it!

With that in mind, I am pretty fanatical about using local and in-season ingredients when they are at their freshest and most nutritious, as much as possible. It’s pretty much a given that you won’t catch me eating “fresh” asparagus in the middle of winter… unless I’m lucky enough to currently be a climate where it’s growing in February!

I’m an avid organic gardener and I love to grow a variety of health-loving fruits and vegetables, from kale to gooseberries to rhubarb and garlic, in my gardens and indoors in my house (especially during winter).  

Core Guiding Principles

I believe that:

  • There is no one “ideal diet” for each person on the planet; rather, everyone’s diet is unique to them and their food choices should be guided by how they think and feel when they eat them (this is also in line with the premise of intuitive eating).
  • Whole foods (vegetables and fruit, nuts and seeds, and if applicable, grains, eggs or other animal products) are the keys to good health.
  • Foods grown close to home, as local and organic as possible, are optimal for sustainability and both personal and environmental health.
  • Processed foods lack many vital nutrients and minerals and create deficiencies in our bodies that can exacerbate health symptoms and conditions of all kinds.


My diet is neither vegetarian nor vegan so it’s doubtful you’ll find only plant-based recipes on this site. However, I’m very “plant passionate” and I certainly feel that plant-based foods should form the basis of a healthy diet.

I’m a holistic nutritionist so you’ll also find a mix of dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free, Paleo, raw and vegan recipes here. I do my best to label each one appropriately but if you notice an error, please let me know!

All of the recipes on this site and those used in my cooking classes, workshops and wellness programs are exclusively developed by me. I’d be thrilled if you would like to share one of my recipes with your friends or website readers.

Please link directly to the page on my website and do NOT copy my entire recipe on to your own website. I understand that it makes life easier, but unfortunately, it will lead to both of our sites being penalized in website rankings. Thank you in advance!  

Where to next?

Feel free to grab your copy of my “10 Breakfasts in 10 Minutes or Less” digital cookbook or hop on over here for more information about my Services.