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Simple Red and Green Salsa Recipe (a flavour fiesta!)

You’re going to love this simple red and green salsa recipe using tomatoes and tomatillos. [...]

From Wishful Thinking to Reality: The Secret Sauce to Setting Intentions That Stick

Five years ago this month, I had an experience that really proved to me how [...]

7 Proven Tips to Strengthen Your Intuition For Good

Are you looking for tips to strengthen your intuition? Well, you’ve come to the right [...]

5+ Keys to Intuitive Eating (or How to Meditate While You Eat!)

So many of my clients confess that they don’t have time to meditate. Whether you’re [...]

7 Yummy Foods to Kick Your Anxiety to the Curb

A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of volunteering at and attending our annual [...]

9 Powerful Spring Self-Care Habits & Rituals to Nurture Your Soul

Back in 2016, I published a round-up of eight of my favourite winter self-care habits [...]

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