19 Fun and Festive Ways to Enjoy the Spring Equinox

19 Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox blog title

The Spring Equinox arrives tomorrow, quite a bit earlier than it normally does. In fact, according to various sources, this is the earliest it has arrived in 124 years! If you’re looking for some fun and festive ways to enjoy the Spring Equinox, you’re in the right place!

19 Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox blog title

Many traditional symbols of Easter like flowers and eggs align with the Spring Equinox, so you may wish to incorporate some of these into your rituals on this day.

Here are some of my favourite ways to enjoy the Spring Equinox.

1. Wake at dawn and admire the sun as it makes its way across the sky.

Bluewater Beach, Georgian Bay
Bluewater Beach, Tiny Township, ©Ashleigh Grange

2. Toast this sacred day with a cocktail of fresh juices as part of your day’s menu.

3. Consider eggs as a main meal, like in quiche or a spicy Shakshuka (baked eggs in tomato sauce) for the more adventurous.

4. Add some edible flowers to your snacks and meals.

5. Hand-paint some eggs or colour them with edible dyes (for example, turmeric for yellow, beets for red/purple, black tea for tans and browns, spirulina for green, etc.).

6. Plant seeds or start some sprouts.

Indoor growing sprouts
Sprouts under grow lights in my basement. ©Ashleigh Grange

7. Design a new morning ritual or make changes to your morning ritual in alignment with the new season and longer days (and more light).

8. Meditate to a guided meditation or simply sit in stillness for 10 minutes (or as long as you may have time for).

There are beautiful meditations on the Insight Timer app and YouTube. Search for something like “spring equinox meditation” and choose your favourite. You could also experiment with abundance or fertility meditations (if those resonate with you). Meditations that help us re-ground ourselves are also useful, effectively calling in the rooted energies of Mother Earth.

9. Take a flower essence.

10. Sit around a campfire, whether inside or outside. Share stories, sing, dance, play music! I find the energy of fire mirrors my own internal fire as spring moves in and winter moves out.

11. Check in with your resolutions or progress made on your goals for the year. Here’s a unique goal-setting worksheet you can play with any time of year.

12. Go for a walk and explore your neighbourhood to identify some favourite and/or new-to-you plants or animals.

Easter crafts
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

13. Create a spring-inspired piece of art. You could paint or craft using found objects from your neighbourhood walk. Pinterest always has tons of ideas!

14. Enjoy homemade herbal tea.

15. Choose a room and clean your space: your kitchen, your car, your kid’s room, or even just the “junk drawer” many of us have.

16. Start planning for a garage sale to pass along any items in good condition that your neighbours could make use of.

17. Make homemade herbal vinegar.

18. Buy a potted plant for a room that could use a bit more love + beauty: your office or your bathroom might be some good choices!

19. Gift your bestie, your mom, or your new mom friend flowers or a favourite potted plant. I loved the roses I got from my partner’s aunt right after my son was born and they energized me every time I saw them!

What is your favourite way to enjoy the change in seasons?

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